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It’s time to step up your game and give your business the competitive edge. As a business owner, you should have full control of the AV equipment, lights, shades, room scheduling system and energy management of your workplace. When you have GoSmart, you are always in tuned with all that is going out at your office. Because it’s not just about welcoming clients; it’s about making the first impressions count. We have a range of revolutionary products that are specially designed for commercial installations. The Magic Glass is a smart switchable glass that can be used on doors or windows to enclose an open area to create a hidden space. Our Laminated Switchable Glass offers greater safety andsecurity in both the workplace and the home.






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Privacy Magic Glass®

Our smart switchable privacy glass that can be used on doors or windows to enclose an open area to create a hidden space

Because First Impression Matters

Host a meeting in style by taking control of all the digital components of the room with just a touch of a button. The GoSmartfully integrates the proprietary interface and software into your workplace to create a smarter and more innovative working environment, where presentations and meetings are conducted in the most efficient manner possible. The lights and air-conditioners turn on automatically, while the projector with signage diplays the agenda and meeting minutes. All of these are triggered wirelessly 5 minutes before the big presentation. Once the meeting is done, the system is smart enough to detect the lack of presence in the room, and everything simply shuts down by itself.

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At GoSmart, our business lies in integrating the intelligent solutions of tomorrow into the lifestyles of today. Our range of products and solutions are built on the Internet of Things foundation, allowing you to control the audio, visual, lighting and environmental systems of a home, workplace, educational institution, medical centre, or even hotel with just a push of a button.

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