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A Smart Home is no longer the future, it is now a reality. Our home automation and control systems lets you have full control on how your home behaves, thus providing you with the convenience of having an intelligent abode that reacts to your way of life in a proactive manner. Now, you can control your lights, fans, AV equipment, air conditioners, home security, intercom and many more, with just a few taps on a screen. Welcome to the future of living.Welcome to the Internet of Things.

The Sound of Innovation The home audio systems are the perfect fit for audiophiles of the future. You can now select between enjoying quality audio throughout your residence, or opt for a multi-zone system to enjoy different audio output at different areas. From in-ceiling speakers, to in-wall speaker, subwoofers, soundbars and outdoor speakers – which are all linked via an app – the smart sound system is indeed the way of the future.

With your house automated, you can

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8.00 AM

As you head off to work after breakfast, one button is all it takes to turn al lthe appliances and lights off automatically and shut the blinds. The security system switches on and the garage door opens up to let you out to explore the world.

8.30 PM

Once dinner is done, your AV system plays your favourite movie, and the curtains are automatically drawn, while the ambientlighting are dimmed to keep you cosy.

6.00 PM

Before you even arrive at your residence, you pick up your phone to turn on the lights, airconditioning and even the water heater in your home in advance. The doors of your home and garage open automatically while the security system shuts down. The gallery and hall lights turn on, while calming music plays. Your residence is now at an optimum condition.

6.30 PM

As you wine and dine,the brightness of the lights and the temperature of the room are automatically adjusted to keep you comfortable. Instrumental tunes accompany you throughout your meal. The experience can be user-defined to be different in every scenario, allowing you to enjoy a completely different dining experience every day (candlelight dinners,family gathering, banquet dining, etc.)

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At GoSmart, our business lies in integrating the intelligent solutions of tomorrow into the lifestyles of today. Our range of products and solutions are built on the Internet of Things foundation, allowing you to control the audio, visual, lighting and environmental systems of a home, workplace, educational institution, medical centre, or even hotel with just a push of a button.

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